Gram Negatives and Positives Chart

Gram Negatives and Positives Chart - Catalase (+) Chains...

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Gram Negatives Pink/Red Staining Thin Peptidoglycan Bacilli (rods) Cocci (Rounds) Anaerobic Aerobic - Neisseria * Bacteroides (GI, GU infections (below the diaphragm)) * Prevotella * Fusobacterium Rapid agar growth ( 20 mins vs 20 hours) Fastidious organisms (they don’t grow regularly) Glucose fermenters Non Glocuse -fermenters Non-enterics Enteric * Pseudo monas (of the originosa – most pathogen ic) * Acineto acter (hospital infection, multiple drug associate d with it) * Burkho lderia * Stenotr ophomo * aeromonas (cause lots of diarrhea) * Vibro Lactose fermenters CEE K Lactose non -fermenters ShY PS *C - Citrobacte r *E – E. coli *E – Enterobac ter (3 types) *K- Klepsiella (2 types; huge capsule) *Sh – Shigella (4 types) *Y – Yerisina (2 types) *P - Proteus (alkaline pH kidney stones) *S – salmonella
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Gram Positive Cocci Baccilli Anaerobic Aerobic Anaerobic Aerobic Pepcoccus Pepcostretptococcu s (can grow in presense of oxygen or without) Clusters
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Unformatted text preview: Catalase (+) Chains Catalase (-) Propinibacterium-sea galls-causes zits (acne) Clostridium-various species-causes spores Barcillis Lactobacillus-help restore GI bacteri a Gardenrella Vaginitis-Virgina l infecti ons Corynobacterium-cause gray coating in throat (diphth eria) Listeria Coagulase (+) Congulase (-) Alpha Gamma Staphyoccocus Aureus Staphyoccocu s epidermatus (CoNS – Optochin (S) P disk Enteroccus faecium *in blood culture on your heart, it can affect the heart valve in 24 hours *MRSA (resistant to penicillin; vancomycin not affective cause pneumonia) Coagulase native staph) *can become important when you have a heart surgery for heart valves/ hip or knee replacement doesn’t cause pneumonia Enteroccus Yes pneumacoccus No (resistant) S. Viridans Yes GAS (A for group A) No Another Strep...
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Gram Negatives and Positives Chart - Catalase (+) Chains...

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