Lecture 19 - Influenza

Lecture 19 - Influenza - Lecture 19 - Influenza. MI-40a....

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Lecture 19 - Influenza. MI-40a. Describe the structure of the influenza virion and indicate what components of this structure contribute to the occurrence of epidemic and pandemic influenza. MI-40b. List the main determinants of antigenicity in influenza virus (2 key antigens) MI-40d. Describe the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of influenza infection PATHOGENESIS Influenza virus and its replication - Has envelope and core - it is an RNA virus - • 16 known haemagglutinin (H1,H2…. .) serotypes o viral attachment! - • 9 known neuraminidase (N1,N2…) serotypes o scissors that liberate the cell on its way out of the cell (free from surface glycoprotein) o infectivity will be diminished if this is inhibited - • 1918 = H1N1, 1957 = H2N2, 1968 = H3N2 Essential components – TWO KEY ANTIGENS - genetic information is RNA virus that has 8/9 different genes (depending A/B/C) o each one of the gene will make one protein o it needs to get the right# of genes so that it can infect it randomly picks up the different pieces and hope that it has the right one to make a virus o ALLOW to be variable - RNA replication is very sloopy! o sometimes it is - HA Hemagglutinin ---Viral attachment, fusion - NA Neuraminidase ---Cleaves SA from membrane Influenza A: Pandemics , excess mortality Epidemics every 1-2 years Influenza B: Similar illness (can’t distinguish between A/B with SX), low mortality Epidemics every 2-3 years Influenza C: Common cold-like illness No neuraminidase , 7 RNAs Nonepidemic Nomenclature Type: there are 3 subtypes A: Most severe, B: morbidity in compromised, C: mild disease (Species) – ducks, pigs, etc Isolation location Serial number from location Year of isolation HA and NA Ag’s (in Subtype A) HA 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and NA 1, 2 Infect Man i.e. A/Dublin/33/94 (H3N2) Genes and Proteins of Influenza A - three genes that are important
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Lecture 19 - Influenza - Lecture 19 - Influenza. MI-40a....

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