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Micro_Mnemonics_Winter - Fermentation end products Get Buty...

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Fermentation end products “Get Buty in the Kleb.” (translation: Get booty in the club) Butanediol – Klebsiella “Gas in the CLOSet” Butyric acid and CO2 - Clostridium Causes gas gangrene (C. perfringens) Obligate Aerobes “Nagging Pests Must Breathe.” Nocardia Pseudomonas Mycobacteria Tuberculosis Bacillus/Bordatella Natural transformers “Some People Naturally Help Homeless” Strep Pneumoniae Neisseria Haemophilus influenzae Helicobacter pylori Encapsulated bacteria “Some Nasty Bacterial Killers Have Some Capsule Protection” Strep pneumoniae Neisseria Bacteroides Klebsiella Haemophilus influenzae Salmonella Cryptococcus Pseudomonas + E. Coli Cholera toxin chole R a = tox R Hemolytic bacteria “Bleeding People Fear Ever Being in Coffins.” Beta hemolytic strep Pseudomonas Fusobacteria necrophorum E. Coli Bordatella Clostridium perfringens Oxidase + bacteria “NOP” Neisseria Pseudomonas Both oxidase + Staph Aureus infections “On my staff: Old And New Men Are Skinny” Osteomyelitis Endocarditis Pneumonia Meningitis Arthritis Skin infections Strep Pneumoniae “Pneumowarrior has a lance with diplococci shaped tip.” IgA- protease bacteria, Chloramphenicol “Nice Strip of Ham” Neisseria Strep Pneumonia Haemophilus influenzae Strep Pyogenes virulence factors “SMASHED” Streptolysin (O and S) M protein Anti C5a protease Streptokinase Hyaluronidase Erythrogenic toxin (Strep Pyrogenic Exotoxin - SPE) DNases Strep pyogenes infections “NIPPLES” Necrotizing fasciitis Impetigo Pharyngitis
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Pneumonia Lymphangiitis Erysipelas/cellulites Scarlet fever Group B Strep (S. aga lactiae) B and aga for Babies Enterobacteriaceae “No Shigy in the Kleb” (translation: No dancing in the club!) Nonmotile No H-Ag Shigella Klebsiella K Ag = Kapsule E.Coli Diseases “DUNG” Diarrhea UTI Neonatal meningitis Gram Negative sepsis LPS properties “ENDOTOXIN” Endothelial cells/Edema Neg (Gram stain) DIC/Death Outer membrane TNF O-Ag Xtremely heat stable IL-1 Nitric oxide/Neutrophil chemotaxis H2S producers “Ed and Sal are Pro-farters” Edwardsiella Salmonella Proteus Lactose + enterobacteriaceae
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Micro_Mnemonics_Winter - Fermentation end products Get Buty...

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