Quiz 01 - 1 of 20 An outbreak of sepsis caused by...

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1 of 20 An outbreak of sepsis caused by Staphylococcus aureus has occurred in the newborn nursery. You are called to investigate. According to you knowledge of the normal flora, what is the MOST likely source of the organism? A. Colon B. Nose C. Throat D. Vagina 2 of 20 Each of the following statements is true about the peptidoglycan of S. aureus EXCEPT: A. It has a backbone composed of alternating units of muramic acid and acetylglucosamine B. Cross-links between the tetrapeptides involve D- alanine C. It is thinner in gram-positive bacteria than in gram- negative bacteria D. It can be degraded by lysozyme 3 of 20 Which one of the statements comparing human, bacterial, and fungal cells is true? A. Human cells undergo mitosis, but not bacteria nor fungi B. Human and fungal cells have a similar cell wall, in contrast to bacteria, whose cell wall contains peptidoglycan C. Human and bacterial cells have plasmids, while fungal cells do not D.Human and fungal cells have similar ribosomes, while bacterial ribosomes are different 4 of 20 The pneumococcal capsule: A. Is necessary for virulence B. Is non-antigenic C. Is chemotactic for neutrophils D. Is a glycolipid 5 of 20 All of the following are true of Group B streptococci ( S. agalactiae ) EXCEPT: A. They infect cows but not humans B. They cause pneumonia in premature newborns C. They can colonize the vagina of pregnant women asymptomatically D. A single capsular type is responsible for nearly all cases of meningitis in infants. 6 of 20 6. A 50 year old man comes to the emergency room complaining of a spider bite. He has a 3 cm erythematous lesion with a necrotic center. The gram stain shows gram positive cocci in clusters. Which of the
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Quiz 01 - 1 of 20 An outbreak of sepsis caused by...

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