Virus Structure Chart

Virus Structure Chart - V i rus – T he Basic Structures...

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Unformatted text preview: V i rus – T he Basic Structures: HSV1 HSV2 VZV YES Capsid type Icosahedral Icosahedral West Nile Vi rus Retroviridae Flavivirdae Lentivirus Flavivirus YES Yes (2) Cylindrical YES HIV Oncogneic YES H TVL Retroviridae Envelope I n fluenza ABC Spherical virion YES Icosahedral Rabies YES v irion Icosahedral Genetic L inear dsDNA L inear dsDNA Linear dsDNA Segment, (-) RNA Linear ssRNA, (+) ssRNA, (-) Segment (+) ssRNA m aterial TWO Non- (+) polarity polarity Vector bites Dog Bites (i.e.) ssRNA Host Range Broad Broad Restricted Broad T ransmissio Oral Sexual Respiratory I nhalation/Dropl Sexual/Blood Sexual/Blood et n Receptor Restricted Vertically (milk) Heparan Sulfate Heparan Sulfate Heparan Sulfate Sialic Acid GLUT-1 CD4 , C CR5, Ach-Neural Cells C XCR4 Site of Rep Nucleus N ucleus N ucleus N ucleus C ycle Latency Latency Latency Respiratory (cell body of (cell body of t r igeminal t r igeminal ganglia) ganglia) Cytolytic? YES YES YES YES Vaccine NO NO YES YES L atency Brain (cell body of sacral Non-dividing Salivary Glands ganglia) cells E pithelial cells HAV HBV H DV HCV NO- Transforms YES NO HEV YES P icornavir idae Hepadnavir ida Flaviviridae e Hepatovirus Envelope Hepacivirus NO YES YES (HepB) YES NO (+) ssRNA DNA Circular (+) ssRNA (+)ssRNA Fecal-oral Capsid type Genetic ssRNA m aterial Host Range Broad Restricted T ransmissio Fecal-oral Sexual/ Sexual/ Sexual/ vertical/ vertical/ vertical/ percutaneous percutaneous percutaneous Site of Rep Nucleus Nucleus CYTOPLASM Cycle Latency w/ No Latent cccDNA form n Waterborne Receptor B and T cells Cytolytic? NO NO Vaccine YES YES NO NO NOT YET T reatment Self-L imi ted ETV, PEG, PEG PEG/RBV Self-Limited Acute/Fulmina Acute/Chronic Acute/Ful. nt H CC (Preg) T DF,3TC Clinical Acute Hepatit is Acute H CC ...
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Virus Structure Chart - V i rus – T he Basic Structures...

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