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Week Six Outline Lecture Eleven—Indus Civilization and Vedic Culture Timeline: Indus/Harappan Civilization 23 rd (?) to 18 th centuries B.C.E. Aryan Influx 18 th to 15 th (?) Rig-Vedic Period 15 th to 10 th Composition of Vedic hymns Late Vedic Period 10 th to 5 th Composition of Brahmanas—treatises on Vedas Upanishads (8 th to 5 th ) Beginnings of Indian “Axial Age” Key concern in this unit: Trace the gradual “filtering” process of customs, beliefs, and values that produced ancient India’s most significant contribution towards the Axial Age—the religious traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism I) Indus/Harappan Civilization (23 rd to 18 th centuries) a) Civilization in Mystery i) Largest of the ancient river civilizations ii) Not the oldest but contemporary with Egypt iii) Why we know so little b) Organization i) Harappa—northern end ii) Mohenjo-Daro—southern end (1) Integrated economy (2) Evidence of stability and affluence (3) Religion (a) “Lord of Creation” (b)
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ChangMMW2OutlineLectureEleven2011 - Week Six Outline...

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