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Week Three Outline Lecture Five—Ancient Israel’s Test of Faith Key Points from last lecture: 1) For ancient Israelites, their history and destiny shaped by ethical accountability of the people 2) Trans-generational consequences inherited from the virtues and vices of their forefathers Key Focus Today: 1) What “spiritual technology” does the Old Testament offer us? 2) Under what historical conditions was this wisdom forged? I) The Watershed Period for Judah (8 th to 6 th centuries) a) Crisis producing sense of moral urgency i) Geopolitical Shifts after 722 (1) Neo-Babylonian Empire under Nebuchadnezzar ii) Warnings of Prophet Isaiah (1) Return to righteous conduct and social justice (2) Metaphor for the times: “The holy seed is its stump” (Isaiah, Ch.6) iii) Religious reform under Hezekiah (715-687) b) The Ascension of King Josiah (640-609) i) 622 religious “awakening” ii) “Discovery” of a “lost” book of the law—what we know as “Deuteronomy” iii) Josiah as the new “Moses” of his time
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ChangMMW2OutlineLectureFive2011 - Week Three Outline...

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