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Outline Lecture Seventeen—The Hubris of Athenian Imperialism Key Emphasis from Last Lecture: a) Two civilizations, diametrically opposed in nature, set on a collision course --Centralized monolithic empire vs. small, independent city-states --Traditional continental despotism vs. fledgling Greek democracies b) What saved the fledgling Greek democracies from the brink of destruction? --Democracy in action? -- Charismatic leadership? --Strategic advantages? c) Vulnerabilities of democracy --Example of Hippias’s supporters; Populist “Hill” Party --Squabbling and fragile unity --Pitfalls of Athenian hubris I) Post-war Athenian Ambitions a) Formation of the Delian League i) Athens at the helm ii) Thucydides: Clash between Athenian alliance and Peloponnesian Confederation b) From League to Empire i) Threats of secession (1) Thasos and Naxos ii) Benefits of maintaining League (1) Annual tributes (2) Courts in Athens to settle all allies’ law-suits (3) Relocation of League treasury from Delos to Athens
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ChangMMW2OutlineLectureSeventeen2011 - Outline Lecture...

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