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Outline Lecture Ten—The Challenges of Han Bureaucracy Key points from last lecture: a) Factors contributing to political unification under Qin b) Historical assessment of the Qin legacy c) Establishment of a Legalist centralized bureaucracy d) Totalitarian paradox: Irrationality of Qin’s extreme insistence on rational order Main Focus Today: a) Demonstrate that the story of the Han Dynasty, China’s first empire, is an extension and elaboration of this contradiction I) Managing an Empire: Han Bureaucracy a) Chronology of the Han Dynasty i) Former Han (207 B.C.E. to 8 C.E.) ii) Wang Mang Interlude (1) The “socialist emperor” iii) Later Han (25 C.E. to 220 C.E.) b) Legacy of the Han i) Liu Bang—founder of the Han (1) Final collapse of the old aristocratic order of Zhou times ii) Extension of China’s frontiers (show map) iii) Cementing cultural identity—the “Han” people iv) Development of an imperial bureaucracy c) Han Bureaucracy: A Confucian-Legalist Experiment i) Confucian Ideology/Legalist Statecraft
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ChangMMW2OutlineLectureTen2011 - Outline Lecture TenThe...

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