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Outline Lecture Thirteen—The Buddha’s Wisdom of Compassion Key points from last lecture: a) Development of “Hinduism” as a syncretic tradition—absorbing and reacting to diverse existing traditions b) Bhagadvat-Gita as treatise on pragmatic detachment—karma yoga c) Achieving moksha through devotional identification of atman with Brahman—bhakti Key Terms for Today’s Lecture: Bodhisattva Buddha Law of Dependent Origination Four Noble Truths Eightfold Path Dharma Sangha I) The Sakyamuni Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama (566-486 B.C.E.) a) Common Misconceptions b) “An Insuperable Quest for Truth” i) Comparison to other quests for wisdom we have seen ii) “Paradigmatic personalities” c) Bodhisattva in Tushita Heaven i) As the ascetic, Sumedha ii) As a bodhisattva in Tushita Heaven iii) Why seek enlightenment in the “saha” or human world? d) Life in Kapilavatsu i) Kingdom of the Sakyas ii) Siddhartha Gautama iii) The Miraculous Birth iv) The prediction of the seer Asita
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ChangMMW2OutlineLectureThirteen2011 - Outline Lecture...

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