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Grading Criteria for Writing Assignment 3 MMW2, W2011 F : Inappropriate topic Writing is incomprehensible Uses one or more outside sources D : Thesis is missing or is not an answer to an appropriate question Argument is based on claims that are factually inaccurate No evidence is provided, or evidence that is provided is not relevant to the paper topic Does not include a counterargument Poor writing and/or organization significantly interfere with comprehensibility C-/C : Thesis answers (or attempts to answer) an appropriate question All claims relevant to the thesis are factually accurate Provides evidence relevant to the paper topic Proposes and at least attempts to discuss a counterargument Writing and organization can be problematic C+/B-: At least attempts to address all parts of the assignment, namely: Posing an appropriate question (at least implicitly) Explaining why the question is being asked Providing an answer (the thesis) Providing at least two pieces of relevant evidence
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