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Week Seven Outline Lecture Twelve—The Hindu Synthesis Key Focus of last lecture: 1. Persistent traces of Indus Civilization in Aryan Culture (deities, bull imagery, lingams) 2. Development of Vedic culture, esp. religion and ritual (Indra, Agni, Soma) 3. Social implications of elaboration of ritual (power of priesthood, Varna system) 4. Reaction to the extravagance of conspicuous ritualism (Upanishads) Key Terms for Today’s Lecture: Moksha Samsara Karma Bhakti Dharma Yoga (Release) (Cycle) (Action) (Devotion) (Sacred duty) (Discipline) I) The Emergence of a “Hindu” Religious Tradition a) Origin of the term “Hindu”? i) Core religious beliefs in India on the eve of Muslim invasion b) “Hinduism” as spiritual development i) A by-product of the on-going spiritual tug-of-war (1) Vedic Brahmanic culture (2) Upanishads (3) Jainism (4) Buddhism (5) Popular Local Cults c) What was the appeal of Hinduism? i)
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outline--lecture--12--ec--mmw2--wi11 - Week Seven Outline...

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