Outline-lecture-14 - Sunyata(Philosophical paradox of Emptiness or Void i “Form is precisely emptiness emptiness precisely form”(1 What is the

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Week Eight Outline Lecture Fourteen—The Wheel of the Dharma Key Focus 1) The application of the dharma in life 2) The meaning of “emptiness” and its relevance for human suffering I) The Middle-Path of Social Tolerance a) Avoidance of Extreme Stridency i) Respect for Indian Tradition (1) Familial duties: Father, Yasodhara, the Sakyas ii) Traditional role of women in regards to religious cultivation (1) Mahaprajapati’s request (2) Acceptance of women into the Sangha b) Governing Through the Dharma i) Ashoka’s Mauryan Empire (272-232 B.C.E.) ii) The Pillars of Ashoka iii) Religious pluralism (1) Appeal against sectarianism iv) Why was his empire so short-lived? II) Prajnaparamita—The Perfection of Wisdom a) The Jewel of Buddhism i) The “Diamond Sutra” and the “Heart Sutra” b) The Dialectic of
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Unformatted text preview: Sunyata (Philosophical paradox of Emptiness or Void) i) “Form is precisely emptiness, emptiness precisely form” (1) What is the “form” of a flowing stream? (a) “Empty” of permanent form (b) “Empty” of an independent nature (2) “Emptiness” conditions all existence ii) Nagasena’s responses to King Menander (1) The chariot—“a practical designation” (2) The composite self—“a pragmatic unity” c) What does all this have to do with suffering? i) Non-attachment to the five skandhas ii) Cultivate equanimity towards all forms, all situations iii) Meaning of “Vipassana” iv) The Suffering of Patācārā (1) “Sister, regain awareness, acquire mindfulness” (2) The plight of the “second arrow” v) Self-emancipation through wisdom...
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