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MMW2, Winter 2011 Writing Assignment 3 Chamberlain, Chang, duBois, and Herbst/Propp tracks Length : 6-8 pages Paper topic/question due : Thursday, February 25 or Friday, February 26, in section Due date : Tuesday, March 8 or Wednesday, March 9, in section Subject areas: Chamberlain track: China or India Chang track: India or Greece duBois track: China or India Herbst/Propp: India or Greece The second writing assignment asked you to pose your own question about an assigned primary text and to write an argumentative paper in which you answered that question. For this assignment you will also have to pose your own question, but this time you have a wider range of topics available to you. As before, the most difficult and the most important part of your task will be to develop an open-ended, historically grounded question. Be sure to read as much of the course material as you can before settling on a topic; if you do, you can be confident that your topic will be productive and that the question you pose will be worth pursuing. The assignment: • Focusing on one of the regions assigned for your track, identify an important text, event, institution, or phenomenon about which you have a question. Your question can be one of historical interpretation, such as “how did this come about?” or “why did they
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2011 for the course MMW 2 taught by Professor Chang during the Winter '08 term at UCSD.

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Paper3MMW2W2011 - MMW2, Winter 2011 Writing Assignment 3...

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