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MMW2, Winter 2011 Writing Assignment 1 (Chamberlain track) Length : 4-6 pages Due date : Thursday, January 27, and Friday, January 28, in section Text : Epic of Gilgamesh This quarter you will be writing three analytical essays that focus on primary texts assigned for your track of MMW2. The purpose of these essays is to explore one or more of the texts’ themes and to hypothesize about what they might tell us about the cultures that produced the texts: what their lives were like, what they valued, and how they viewed their world. Each of the essays that you write for MMW will start with an open-ended question: a question that has more than one plausible answer. Your answer to such a question your thesis will be a hypothesis that you will support with evidence from both the primary text and other course materials. Successful papers will also consider the merits of other plausible interpretations your counterarguments but your main goal will be to propose a thesis and to support it with relevant material from the text(s) that you are
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2011 for the course MMW 2 taught by Professor Chang during the Winter '08 term at UCSD.

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PaperOneChamberlainTrackMMW22011 - MMW2, Winter 2011...

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