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GradingRubricMMW3Assignment5Summer2011 - Grading Scale...

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Grading Scale, Fifth Writing Assignment Summer 2011 F : Inappropriate topic and/or historical period Writing is incomprehensible D/D+: Thesis is missing or is not arguable Argument is based on claims that are factually inaccurate Provides no evidence, or evidence that is provided is irrelevant to the paper topic Does not include a counterargument Poor writing and/or organization significantly interfere with comprehensibility C-/C : Proposes an arguable thesis Provides minimal relevant evidence Does not include a counterargument Does not include a journal article among the sources All statements relevant to the thesis are factually accurate Writing contains numerous mechanical errors Poor structure/organization C+/B-: Makes at least a minimal attempt to: Provide historical context State an arguable thesis Provide relevant evidence Propose and at least attempt to rebut a counterargument Indicate significance All of the information provided is factually accurate Includes a journal article among its sources
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