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Guidelines for Rough Draft Workshops MMW3, Summer 2011 GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS: While your peers will do most of the talking when it comes time to discuss your paper, you’ll get a lot more out of the discussion if you take an active role. Your readers can be a valuable resource, so tell them what you are trying to accomplish and ask them for their advice. To get the most helpful feedback possible, write notes to your readers at the ends of sections, at places where you are stuck and your paper comes to a dead stop, and/or at the end of the whole draft. What you can put in such notes includes: Those aspects of the paper that you think don’t work: Alert your readers to the rough spots: tortuous introductions, weak counterarguments, and so forth. That way, they won’t waste their time telling you what you already know, and you can ask for advice where you think it will be most useful. Gaps in your paper: Let your readers know what the problem is and what you think you’re going to do about it. S quare brackets are good for this purpose; you can simply write something like: [Gentle Readers: I know that I have to make a logical connection between my sections on Chinese foot- binding and Byzantine foot fetishes, but I haven’t come up with a good argument. Any ideas?] Or: [Dear Everybody: I didn’t have time to write this section yet, but this is where I’m going to introduce the new evidence concerning Roman horse worship.] In general, think of notes to your readers as part of a conversation in which you will all
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RoughDraftWorkshopGuidelinesMMW3Summer2011 - Guidelines for...

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