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1 MMW 3, Section A11 Assignment 3 1 May 2009 Prospectus Having ruled China for more than four hundred years, the Han Dynasty is one of the greatest of all of the Chinese ruling families, so great that even today the majority of people in China today still classify themselves as the people of the Han. During the dawn of the Han Dynasty, the economy flourished as active emperors effectively governed their empire, such as Emperor Wu who established a government monopoly on salt and iron (Yu 17). In addition, effective agricultural implements of iron were invented throughout the reign of the Han, which resulted in a prosperous agricultural economy (Yu 21). The Han also maintained active military control over its borders, such as Emperor Ti’s long campaigns against the Hsiung-nu barbarians in the north (Chang). Despite its marvelous success, the late Han Empire was marked by a period of chaos as rebellious peasants, generals, and barbarian forces actively revolted against the Han government. With the dethronement of the last Han emperor in 220 A.D. the Han Dynasty collapsed (U. Li 94). Seemingly mysterious, this leads me to ask the following question: Why did the Han Dynasty collapse? In the process of answering this question, I will discuss the role of the court officials, the empresses, and the eunuchs, and the revolts lead by peasants and barbarians in the time frame of 100 B.C. to 220 A.D.
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2 Scholars have several plausible answers for why the Han Dynasty collapsed. Some
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SampleProspectusFalloftheHan2011 - 1 MMW 3 Section A11...

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