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1 MMW 2, Section B14 1 May 2009 Writing Assignment 3 Prospectus The emergence of Islam in the seventh century brought many changes to Arabia. This region was a large area of land bordered by the Syrian Desert, the Red Sea, and the Persian and Arabian Gulfs. Before the introduction of Islam, Arabia was made up of scattered nomadic tribes that practiced paganism. Islam became an official religion in 622 C.E. largely due to the influence of their prophet, Muhammad (Lippman, McConville, and Yerushalmi 5-8). In the following years, Muhammad continued to preach to the people and tried to further spread Islam and its ideals. One of the issues that both the prophet and the Qur’an focused on changing was the condition of women. This leads me to ask the following question: How did the rise of Islam affect women’s rights and social conditions in seventh century Arabia? With this question, I plan to discuss certain rights gained by women that enhanced their position in society or improved their social conditions. I also plan to contrast these advancements with Pre-Islamic society and to demonstrate that women had fewer rights before the advent of Islam. Some scholars believe that Islam brought about negative consequences for women, and that the religion granted them fewer rights and privileges. For example, Anwar Qadri makes the point that Islam’s acceptance of polygamy takes away the woman’s right to a monogamous marriage (366-7). Niaz A. Shah argues that a man could freely marry up to four wives, thus engaging in a “corrupt practice of unbridled lust without justice and
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SampleProspectusIslamandWomensRights2011 - 1 MMW 2 Section...

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