WritingAssgnmt3MMW3Summer2011 - Third Writing Assignment:...

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Third Writing Assignment: Prospectus MMW3, Summer 2011 Length : 2-3 pages Due : Tuesday, July 26, in section This is the point in the quarter at which your research project should be starting to take shape. The prospectus assignment asks you to organize the results of your research into an argument, which you will outline in a prospectus. You can think of writing the prospectus as taking part in a scholarly conversation in which you demonstrate that: You have learned something substantive about your topic (your observations); You’ve been paying attention to what other people have written about it (the scholarly context); You’ ve identified an area that requires clarification (your research question); You’ ve developed your own answer to the question (your thesis); You understand why some people might disagree with you (counterarguments); Your argument is worth taking seriously (your use and explanation of relevant evidence); and You are offering an insight that is important and interesting (your statement of significance, the “so what?” of your paper). Academics often write prospectuses of papers on which they are still working. Producing a prospectus at this stage in your writing process will help you to think through your
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WritingAssgnmt3MMW3Summer2011 - Third Writing Assignment:...

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