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Fourth Writing Assignment: Rough Draft and Rough Draft Workshop MMW3, Summer 2011 Length : 8-12 pages Rough draft due : Thursday, August 4, in section Rough draft workshops : Monday, August 8 - Wednesday, August 10 During Week Seven you and the other students in your section will be working in small groups to revise your rough drafts. Each group will meet with your TA for one hour: your TA will tell you where and when your workshop meeting will be held. Apart from the revision workshops, no regular section meetings or office hours will be held during Week Seven. Half of the grade you receive for the fourth assignment will depend on your participation in the rough draft workshop. You will earn full credit for the rough draft assignment if you: Give a copy of your rough draft to your TA and to each member of your workshop group on the due date. Failure to get copies of your rough draft to your TA and to your group members before the workshop date will result in your getting an F for this assignment. Your draft must be 8 to 12 pages long (not
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