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WritingAssnmt2MMW3Summer2011 - Second Writing Assignment...

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Second Writing Assignment: Project Map and Proposed Research Questions MMW3, Summer 2011 Length : 2-4 pages Due date : Thursday, July 14, in section Now that you’ ve begun to explore a few topics, your next step will be to use your observations to formulate potential research questions. Continue your research, recording the interesting new observations that you make. You are welcome to read about as many topics as you like, but remember that you will need to learn enough about each of them that you can pose one or more questions about it. You will thus be better off exploring one or two topics in depth rather than making scattered observations about a wide variety of topics. The assignment: Select one or more topics about which you will pose potential research questions. You can use either the same topics that you explored for the first assignment or a new topic (or set of topics). Focus on what interests you the most; you’re going to be spending a lot of ti me on your
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