WrtingAssgnmt5MMW3Summer2011 - Fifth Writing Assignment:...

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Fifth Writing Assignment: Final Draft MMW3, Summer 2011 Length : 10-12 pages Due date : Tuesday, August 16, in section Below is a list of the criteria your final draft should meet. Most important are the substantive aspects, such as the quality of your thesis and the appropriateness of your evidence, but mechanical concerns spelling, grammar, and so forth also matter. Make sure that you check your final draft against both this handout and the Style Sheet. Your thesis should be: Arguable Amenable to scholarly research Appropriate to the course concerns and historical period covered in MMW3 Your introductory paragraph(s) should include: An indication of your topic The problem or question you are addressing The scholarly and historical context of your research Your thesis statement An indication of the significance of your topic and question (the “so what?”) Your concluding paragraph(s) should: Summarize your argument Reiterate and elaborate on your “so what?” Explain the significance of your thesis When presenting your evidence you should: Explain which of your claims each piece of evidence supports Explain how the evidence supports your claims
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2011 for the course MMW 3 taught by Professor Chamberlain during the Summer '08 term at UCSD.

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WrtingAssgnmt5MMW3Summer2011 - Fifth Writing Assignment:...

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