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Eleanor Roosevelt College MMW 5 Summer Session II, 2006 Cassedy FINAL EXAM Everyone must answer question 1 (which offers its own choices). Then choose two of the remaining three questions. Please take some time to plan your answers before you begin writing. 1. Science and religion Two developments in the nineteenth century presented powerful challenges to conventional Western forms of religious belief: (1) increasing awareness of Darwinian evolutionary theory and (2) increasing awareness of historical scholarship on Scriptures (the Bible) and the figure of Jesus. Choose one of these two developments, and Explain why and how it challenged conventional belief. Give an example, from the period we cover in MMW 5, of a response to the challenge—a response that attempted to reconcile science or scientific scholarship with religious faith. Offer your own historical assessment of that response. You may give a critique of it, your own explanation of it, or both. 2. Race
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