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CHM 206 Spring 2008 Dr. Logan CH 15 Learning Objectives Chapter 15: Principles of Reactivity: Chemical Kinetics Know and be able to use the key equations , found on p. 743. Understand rates of reaction and the conditions affecting rates a. Understand the concept of reaction rate. b. Derive the average and instantaneous rates of a reaction from experimental information. c. Be able to interpret a plot of [A] vs time, and know that rates usually vary with time. d. Describe factors that affect reaction rate (i.e., reactant concentration, temperature, presence of a catalyst, and the state of the reactants). Derive the rate equation, rate constant, and reaction order from experimental data. a. Define the various parts of a rate equation (the rate constant and order of reaction) and understand their significance. b. Derive a rate equation (rate law) from experimental information. Use integrated rate laws a. Know the difference between the differentiated rate laws and the integrated rate laws. b.
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