NatCom - CS 143 Animal Cognition Lecture 8 NATURAL...

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CS 143 * Animal Cognition Lecture 8: NATURAL COMMUNICATION Most a matter of Articulation - moveable body parts, changed within view/earshot of others - These may be Genetically influenced (e.g. constraints on throat size, muscle capacity, etc.) And/Or Ontogetically ritualized (i.e. learned, socially constrained into patterns to which others respond) Some built in to anatomy, hormonally mediated: e.g. Silverback gorilla, Orangutan cheek pouches, Mandrill colors Facial Expression - Primates ’ faces much more facile , Cetaceans only capable of gross changes - Eyes - Primates: The eyes have it! - The main feature of the face that is inspected - Turn flat face toward X > predicts engage with X, move toward X - Stare as a threat, Flash eye lids as solicitation, etc… LOTS more to come on the social role of gaze ! - Cetaceans: - Eye salient in many species, shaded for high contrast against rest of head - Best vision close in water (farther in air), used in intimate social interactions, esp when parallel - Although in some (e.g. Killer Whale) eyes are obscured; Helps confuse prey re: co-location of teeth - Mouth - Displaying TEETH usually a warning, precursor of attack in both Primates and Cetaceans - Primates, with complex face musculature, have a variety of other expressions - e.g. Fear grimace (show teeth but submissive) Pout (to solicit aid, beg), Scream (during antagonism), Laugh (Chimp: open but teeth covered) Frown (along with other parts of face, show displeasure) - Note, often related (like iconic gestures, see below) to future action (Biol = “Intention Movements ”) i.e. Afford next step: Pout>>Suckle, Laugh>>Play bite, Bare teeth>>Real bite - Cross Modal Effects - Parr (2010): MTS, Chimps heard or saw video of call, pick “matching” expression from 1of 2 photos
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NatCom - CS 143 Animal Cognition Lecture 8 NATURAL...

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