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Brief Neuroscience Review Anatomical Terms referring to Orientation/Positioning Dorsal = toward the top of the brain Ventral = toward the bottom of the brain_________________ Rostral / Anterior = toward the front end Caudal / Posterior = toward the rear end _____ Superior = above another part Inferior = below another part _____ Lateral = toward the sides, away from the midline Medial = toward the midline, away from the sides__________ Brain has three major divisions- HINDBRAIN : Medulla, Pons & Cerebellum - Medulla & Pons, at base of brain, just atop Spinal Cord - Control primal reflexes (breathing, coughing, etc) and arousal (orienting reflex, sleep, etc) - Cerebellum = “Little brain”, contains >½ brain’s neurons - Motor Programs , esp for rapid, co-ord’d movements that require precise timing and/or aiming - i.e. “Procedural Memory ” for well-practiced moves, simple to complex athletic/manual acts - Receives from sensory (visual, acoustic, vestibular for balance, etc) & from/to motor centers - Also involved in shifts of attention , and fine-tuning adaptations to changing conditions MIDBRAIN : Tectum
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