HW08 - d<< w are used as a current loop(see Fig on the...

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1 C:\User\Teaching\505-506\F10\HW08.doc PHY 505 Classical Electrodynamics I Fall 2010 Homework 8 (due Friday Nov. 12) Problem 8.1 (to be graded of 10 points). Calculate the magnetic field distribution along the axis of a straight solenoid (Fig. 5.6a of the lecture notes) with a finite length l, and a round cross-section of radius R . Assume that the solenoid has many wire turns ( N >> 1) which are uniformly distributed along its length. Problem 8.2 (10 points). Two parallel, uniform, long strips of thin foil, separated by distance
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Unformatted text preview: d << w , are used as a current loop (see Fig. on the right) . Calculate: (i) the distribution of the magnetic field and vector-potential, (ii) the magnetic force (per unit length) acting on each strip, and (ii) the magnetic energy and self-inductance of the system (per unit length). Problem 8.3 (10 points). Find the mutual inductance of a long straight wire and a round wire loop adjacent to it (see Fig. below). Neglect the thickness of both wires. I I w d w R 1 I 1 I 2 I x y...
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