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1 C:\User\Teaching\505-506\F10\HW09.doc PHY 505 Classical Electrodynamics I Fall 2010 Homework 9 (due Friday Nov. 19) Problem 9.1 (to be graded of 20 points). A straight thin wire with dc current I runs in the plane separating two semi-spaces filled with different uniform, soft magnetic materials, with different values ( 1 and 2 ) of the magnetic permeability. Find the spatial distribution of fields
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Unformatted text preview: B and H , and magnetization M . Problem 9.2 (20 points). Solve the magnetic shielding problem, similar to that discussed in Sec. 5.12 of Jackson’s textbook, for a round cylindrical shell in a uniform external field perpendicular to its axis. Compare the efficiency of those two shields, for the same permeability and same b/a ratio....
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