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PHY 505 Classical Electrodynamics Fall 2010 C:\User\Teaching\505-506\F10\IniTest.doc Initial Self-Test (optional; no submission, no grading) Vector Algebra Problem T.1. Let A and B be certain vector functions of the Cartesian coordinates { x, y, z }, f some scalar function of the coordinates, and the vector differentiation operator (called either “del” or “nabla”). Express the following scalars: (i) A B , ( i i ) B A , (iii)  A , (iv)  ( f ), (v) (  ) f , ( v i )  (  A ), and all Cartesian components of the following vectors: (i) A B , ( i i ) B A , (iv) f , (v)  ( f ), ( v i )  A , ( v i ) (  A ), (vii) (  ) A , (viii)  (  A ), (ix) ( 
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Unformatted text preview: ) A , via function f or components of vectors A and B . Compare the results for the apparently similar operations. Problem T.2 . What is meant by 2 A , if A is a vector? Is it equal to any of the expressions listed in Problem T.1? EM Units Problem T.3. Two electrons is vacuum are 1 cm apart. What is the force of their Coulomb repulsion in Gaussian units? in SI units? Problem T.4 . Two long, straight wires are parallel to each other, separated by 1 cm, and each carries a current of 1 mA. What is the magnitude of force of their magnetic interaction (per unit length) in Gaussian units? in SI units?...
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