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Capstone Checkpoint - movement of Mexicans as well as...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 1 Capstone Checkpoint Veronica A Gonzales ETH 125 August 26, 2011 Jenna Schulte
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 2 Capstone Checkpoint In participating in this class, I have learned many things about race and ethnicity in the United States. For one, I used to use the words interchangeably, but now that I know what each one is referring to, I am sure that I will use the correct terms when referring to race or ethnicity. I have also learned that stereotyping people can be done in many ways including being stereotyped within your own ethnic group. For example, I know that I, myself, am guilty of stereotyping Mexicans as living in poorer parts of town and all living on the same block. I have also learned about my own cultural history. In doing the research paper on Hispanic Diversity, one of the sites I cited had a lot of information in regards to the immigration
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Unformatted text preview: movement of Mexicans, as well as information on their religious, familial, and cultural background. I am what most Hispanics would call "white-washed" in that I really didn't have any extensive knowledge of my own culture. But now that I've read up on it, I am determined to know more and to research my family's traditions further. If immigration trends continue the way they are, pretty soon, the Caucasian population will be in the minority when it comes to the population. It is already shaping up to be that way. I believe that in order to prepare for this change, people just need to be more accepting of cultural differences, and more understanding in the fact that everybody is different, and even though there are cultural differences, we are all Americans....
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Capstone Checkpoint - movement of Mexicans as well as...

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