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IAT - I believe that it’s difficult to measure prejudice...

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Running head: IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 1 Implicit Association Test Veronica A Gonzales ETH 125
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IMPLICIT ASSOCIATION TEST 2 Implicit Association Test I took the Skin-tone Implicit Association Test, and the results came back stating that I have a slight automatic preference for Dark Skin compared to Light Skin due to the fact that my responses were faster for the Dark Skin and Good words. Personally, I do not believe the test results to be valid in my case, because looking at the people that I’ve mostly associated with, in both the past and present, I believe that I gravitate towards people of a lighter skin tone. The men that I've dated, my friends, they all tend to be fairer as opposed to dark skinned.
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Unformatted text preview: I believe that it’s difficult to measure prejudice with tests such as these. I had a hard time deciding which group to put some words in once they changed the places of 'good' and 'bad' and the light skinned face and dark skinned one. I supposed a lot of sociologists use tools such as the IAT that we were given to take to measure prejudice. For most people, I believe that tool would be fairly accurate in judging how prejudiced they are against a certain stereotype, people, or culture. I don’t believe it was accurate for me, but I could very well be in the minority on that point....
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