legislative - jobs and is one of the top five employers in...

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Running head: LEGISLATION LEGACY 1 Legislation Legacy Veronica A Gonzales ETH 125 August 5, 2011 Jenna Schulte
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LEGISLATION LEGACY 2 Legislation Legacy A current issue that I was able to find between Native Americans and the Federal government was in regards to the establishment of the White House Rural Council. The council was put together to "address the challenges facing rural communities along with economic potential (Indian Country Today, 2011) " including tribal reservations. A meeting was held yesterday, August 4, 2011 to come up with ways in which the Native Americans could encourage economic growth, and the tribal leaders were sought after for their advice and input on the situation. Economic development and job training were among the topics that were discussed. According to the article, the Oneida Indian Nation of New York has "created over 4500
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Unformatted text preview: jobs and is one of the top five employers in the 16 counties of greater Central New York" (Indian Country Today, 2011). I believe the legislation that is involved in this issue would be the ones concerned with the job market today. With Native Americans creating more jobs for everybody, it is easy to assume that they would be involved, especially considering the way the job market has been as of late. It has not been easy finding work these days, and I am no exception to this. LEGISLATION LEGACY 3 Reference Indian Country Today. (2011, August 4). Indian Country Leaders Discuss Economic Development at White House Roundtable. Retrieved from http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2011/08/indian-country-leaders-discuss-economic-development-at-white-house-roundtable/...
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legislative - jobs and is one of the top five employers in...

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