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Modern Challenges in

Modern Challenges in - this it won't show any favoritism to...

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Running head: MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 1 Modern Challenges in Immigration Veronica A Gonzales ETH125
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MODERN CHALLENGES IN IMMIGRATION 2 Modern Challenges in Immigration I believe that all immigrants should be treated the same regardless of where they come from, how much money, they have, how oppressed they are, or what they believe they are bringing to the table. The United States government should not be giving out favors to certain types of immigrants, regardless of where they're from. I believe that regardless of how much money or what kinds of talent immigrants have, they should all be treated the same, and their citizenship should be processed just the same as any others' would be. I believe that in doing
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Unformatted text preview: this, it won't show any favoritism to any one country or type of immigrant. It would be easy to say that we should give priority to people in countries who are at war, or are in a bad situation, but I do not believe that should be done. Most people would probably believe that it should be, but if we give priority to one country, others are going to expect the same treatment. It’s sort of like having two siblings at the dinner table; you have to give them the same amount of mac and cheese, otherwise, there will be complaints. To be fair, the United States government should just process all applicants the same without any priority to any countries, or those with money, talent, etc....
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Modern Challenges in - this it won't show any favoritism to...

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