Race and My Communit

Race and My Communit - Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY...

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Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY 1 Race and My Community Veronica A Gonzales ETH125 August 28, 2011 Jenna Schulte
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RACE AND MY COMMUNITY 2 Race and My Community Due to my upbringing, race and ethnicity are not things that I think about on a daily basis. My father was in the Army growing up, and being an "Army brat," my friends were always a pretty diverse crowd. I grew up seeing and treating every person I met with equality, regardless of their skin color, religion, or ethnicity. Because of this upbringing, now, I feel that I am fairly "color-blind." There are those who will meet this with skepticism and say that nobody is color- blind, but I truly believe that I am. My current hometown is Sacramento, California, and there is a wide array of different races just within my block. There are areas that are very high class as well as poorer neighborhoods, just like any other community. I am not currently working, but even so, I run into people from all walks of life just by going to the grocery store. The city of Sacramento has approximately 466,000 people living in it, based on the 2010 Census. There is almost the same amount of Latinos as there are Caucasians in this city, at 26.9% and 27.4% respectively. After that comes Asians at 18.3% of the population, then Blacks at 14.7% (MuniNet Guide, 2011). I recognize that member of my community do look like me in many ways. For one, there are a great many Hispanics in the city itself, and like other Hispanics, I see features of mine that are similar to others’. For example, our skin color is very much the same, along with the fact that most of us female Hispanics lack in the height department; I am only 5’3” and I notice that many of the Hispanic females in my neighborhood are at or around the same height as me. The differences that I have noticed are that, for one, I do not speak Spanish. I grew up in a household where, although my parents spoke the language, it was not passed down to me or my brothers. At times, I feel like that has given me somewhat of a disadvantage in many areas including work.
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Race and My Communit - Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY...

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