Chem140A Wi09 final exam-answer key0

Chem140A Wi09 final exam-answer key0 - Chemistry 140A NAME:...

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1 Chemistry 140A NAME: (please print)__________________________ Professor Jerry Yang First Last Wi09, Final Examination March 19 th , 2009 Signature:______ Answer Key __________________ PID #:_____________________________________ I give Professor Yang permission to leave my graded final exam and post my final grade for the class by PID number on the 6 th floor of Pacific Hall: Signature _______________________________ WRITE YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE! USE NON-ERASABLE INK ONLY! Write the name of the person sitting: To your right_____________________ To your left _____________________ DO NOT OPEN YOUR EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD. Please write the answers you want graded in the space provided. Do scratch work on the backs of the pages. The test should have 15 numbered pages. Check to make sure you have received a complete exam. A good piece of advice: Read carefully over the questions at least twice; Make sure that you understand exactly what is being asked; avoid sloppy structures or writing. Good Luck! DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE I. ___________ (16) VI. ___________ (30) II. ___________ (20) VII. ___________ (27) III. ___________ (25) VIII. ___________ (26) IV. ___________ (8) IX. ___________ (13) V. ___________ (35) Total ___________ (200)
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I. [16 points] NAME: (please print)__________________________ First Last Please write your answers in the space provided. Indicate stereochemistry where necessary. You may use condensed notation, or line diagrams for your drawings. NO FISCHER PROJECTIONS! a.
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Chem140A Wi09 final exam-answer key0 - Chemistry 140A NAME:...

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