Gen Ec Syllab - F10 - BIOLOGY 302 GENERAL ECOLOGY Fall 11...

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BIOLOGY 302 – GENERAL ECOLOGY Fall ‘11 Course description: BIO 302 is a study of the fundamentals of ecology. Topics include the relationships between organisms and their physical environment; population growth, regulation and interactions; the nature and diversity of biological communities; and ecosystem structure and function. Instructor: Dr. Lynn A Mahaffy Office: Wolf 205 Phone: Ext. 3046 e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MW10-11, R11-12, TF 9:30-10:30; by appointment or drop-in Lecture: TR 8:00- 9:15, Wolf 100 Required textbook: Molles, M. 2010. Ecology. McGraw Hill. 550 pp. COURSE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Goals: 1. To familiarize students with the major processes of ecology, including the interactions of biotic and abiotic factors and the interactions among living organisms. 2. To increase student's appreciation of the science of ecology through discussion of specific applied investigations Objectives: 1. To understand the factors responsible for seasons, weather patterns and global climate zones 2. To address the wide range of ways in which individual species interact with and adjust to variations in their environment 3. To investigate the many levels of interaction among living organisms 4. To become familiar with the flow of energy through an ecosystem and the cycling of matter and nutrients within an ecosystem 5. To appreciate how evolution, biogeography and the influence of humanity have impacted global biodiversity LABORATORY: There is no required lab for this course; however, a separate 3 credit lab (BISC312) is
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Gen Ec Syllab - F10 - BIOLOGY 302 GENERAL ECOLOGY Fall 11...

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