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A_Course_in_Game_Theory_-_Martin_J._Osborne 14

A_Course_in_Game_Theory_-_Martin_J._Osborne 14 - Page xiii...

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Page xiii Exercises Many of the exercises are challenging; we often use exercises to state subsidiary results. Instructors will probably want to assign additional straightforward problems and adjust (by giving hints) the level of our exercises to make it appropriate for their students. Solutions are available to instructors on the web site for the book (see page xv). Disagreements Between the Authors We see no reason why a jointly authored book should reflect a uniform view. At several points, as in the following note, we briefly discuss issues about which we disagree. A Note on Personal Pronouns We disagree about how to handle English third-person singular pronouns. AR argues that we should use a ''neutral" pronoun and agrees to the use of "he", with the understanding that this refers to both men and women. Continuous reminders of the he/she issue simply divert the reader's attention from the main issues. Language is extremely important in shaping our thinking, but in academic material it is not useful to wave it as a flag, as is common in some circles.
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