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Page xv and Tel Aviv University are gratefully appreciated. Special thanks are due to my friend Asher Wolinsky for endless illuminating conversations. Part of my work on the book was supported by the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (grant number 1011-341). We are grateful to Pierpaolo Battigalli, Takako Fujiwara, Wulong Gu, Abhinay Muthoo, Michele Piccione, and Doron Sonsino for making very detailed comments on drafts of the book, comments that led us to substantially improve the accuracy and readability of the text. We are grateful also to Dilip Abreu, Jean-Pierre Benoit, Larry Blume, In-Koo Cho, Eddie Dekel, Faruk Gul, Vijay Krishna, Bart Lipman, Bentley MacLeod, Sylvain Sorin, Ran Spiegler, and Arthur Sweetman for giving us advice and pointing out improvements. Finally, we thank Wulong Gu and Arthur Sweetman, who provided us with outstanding assistance in completing the book: Wulong worked on the exercises, correcting our solutions and providing many of his own, and Arthur constructed the index.
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Unformatted text preview: On the technical side we thank Ed Sznyter for cajoling the ever recalcitrant T E X to execute our numbering scheme. It was a great pleasure to deal with Terry Vaughn of The MIT Press; Ms encouragement in the early stages of the project was important in motivating us to write the book. MARTIN J. OSBORNE [email protected] DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, MCMASTER UNIVERSITY HAMILTON, CANADA, L8S 4M4 ARIEL RUBINSTEIN [email protected] DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, 69978 DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, PRINCETOON UNIVERSITY PRINCETON, NJ 08540, USA We maintain a web site for the book. A link to this site is provided on The MIT Press page for the book, http://mitpress. mit. edu/book-home.tcl?isbn=0262650401 The URL of our site is currently http://www. socsci.mcmaster.ca/ ˜ econ/faculty/osborne/cgt...
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