Chapter 13 & 14 Study Guide

Chapter 13 & 14 Study Guide - Self 13 &14...

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Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. On a surface weather map that shows an open wave cyclone, the warm sector can be observed: a. ahead of an advancing cold front b. behind an advancing cold front c. ahead of an advancing cold-occluded front d. behind an advancing cold-occluded front e. ahead of an advancing warm front ____ 2. Which below is not a name given to a large cyclonic storm system that forms in the middle latitudes? a. middle latitude cyclone b. extratropical cyclone c. wave cyclone d. anticyclone ____ 3. The development or strengthening of a middle latitude storm system is called: a. convergence b. divergence c. cyclogenesis d. frontolysis ____ 4. The piling up of air above a region is called: a. thickening b. divergence c. cyclogenesis d. convergence ____ 5. Northeasters (or nor'easters) are midlatitude storms commonly found a. along the Pacific coast of North America b. along the Atlantic coast of North America c. along the Gulf coast of North America d. both a and b ____ 6. When an upper-level low lies directly above a surface low: a. the surface low will probably weaken b. thunderstorms will develop c. a wave cyclone will begin to form d. the pressure of the surface low will decrease e. cyclogenesis will occur ____ 7. When upper-level divergence of air above a surface low pressure area is stronger than the convergence of surface air, the surface pressure will __________ and the storm itself will __________. a. increase, intensify b. increase, dissipate c. decrease, intensify d. decrease, dissipate ____ 8. A small, moving disturbance imbedded in a longwave is called: a. a lee-side low b. a wave cyclone c. a shortwave d. a frontal wave
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____ 9. The type of weather system known as a 'mid-latitude cyclone' cannot form over the tropical ocean because
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Chapter 13 & 14 Study Guide - Self 13 &14...

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