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Chapter 13 & 14 Study Guide

Chapter 13 & 14 Study Guide - Self 13&14 Multiple...

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Self 13 &14 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. On a surface weather map that shows an open wave cyclone, the warm sector can be observed: a. ahead of an advancing cold front b. behind an advancing cold front c. ahead of an advancing cold-occluded front d. behind an advancing cold-occluded front e. ahead of an advancing warm front ____ 2. Which below is not a name given to a large cyclonic storm system that forms in the middle latitudes? a. middle latitude cyclone b. extratropical cyclone c. wave cyclone d. anticyclone ____ 3. The development or strengthening of a middle latitude storm system is called: ____ 4. The piling up of air above a region is called: ____ 5. Northeasters (or nor'easters) are midlatitude storms commonly found ____ 6. When an upper-level low lies directly above a surface low: a. the surface low will probably weaken b. thunderstorms will develop c. a wave cyclone will begin to form d. the pressure of the surface low will decrease e. cyclogenesis will occur ____ 7. When upper-level divergence of air above a surface low pressure area is stronger than the convergence of surface air, the surface pressure will __________ and the storm itself will __________. ____
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