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Labs 13 & 16 - Name: Lab 13: Hurricane Tracks and...

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Lab 13: Hurricane Tracks and Forecasts Laboratory Exercises: 1. Complete in your workbook. 2. a. 50 mi = .714 deg lat/lon b. 100 mi = 1.429 deg lat/lon c. 140 mi = 2 deg lat/lon d. 150 mi = 2.143 deg lat/lon e. 180 mi = 2.571 deg lat/lon f. 225 mi = 3.214 deg lat/lon g. 575 mi = 8.214 deg lat/lon 3. Complete in your workbook. 4. Yes, these winds are symmetric about the center of Isabel. 5. From the current center of the eye on Figure 4, I would say that the 34 knot winds does extend out beyond the cloud coverage noted on the image even though it does stay within the cloud coverage to the southeast. 6. 7. The radii of the 12 foot seas are not symmetric about the eye of the hurricane because in the open ocean, sea surface winds flow towards the center of the hurricane pushing water towards the center. As the water begins to pile up, a current is established where the water spirals down into the ocean to the depth of about 200 feet and then flows away from the center of the storm. Isabel is headed for land fall to the northwest. During landfall the ocean floor blocks the sub-surface currents that carry away excess water. As a result the water swells higher and is pushed onshore by the intense winds. This is the storm surge and the most intense storm surge is located to the right of the eye where the winds are blowing onshore 8. The radii, of the 12-foot seas, does extend beyond the cloud cover noted in the image in Figure 4. 9.
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Labs 13 & 16 - Name: Lab 13: Hurricane Tracks and...

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