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reading log week#3 - SUMMARY Organizations are designed to...

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SUMMARY: Organizations are designed to ensure that people interact in ways necessary to get their jobs done. All kind of work related encounters and relationships reflects both formal and informal relationships. Informal relationships play a major role in cross functional team. There are a number of reasons behind people choosing work partners out of which the most common factors being Competence at job and Likability as a person. With respect to the above mentioned two criteria, we obtain the following four classification of people: COMPETENT JERK (who knows a lot but is unpleasant to deal with) LOVABLE FOOL (who doesn't know much but is a delight to have around) LOVABLE STAR (who's both smart and likable) INCOMPETENT JERK (who is unpleasant to work with and knows little). It is quite obvious in any organization people would prefer to work with a lovable star rather than a jerk. Three basic approaches as discussed in this paper are MANUFACTURE LIKING
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