Animals II, Torture

Animals II, Torture - A nimals I I 1 Plato thinks i t is...

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Unformatted text preview: A nimals I I 1. Plato thinks i t is always wrong to harm anyone. Jordan Curnut t thinks it is “ prima facie” wrong to harm an animal and that vegetarianism is therefore . . . r equired? Required under certain circumstances? Explain Curnutt’s idea of “ harm,” the idea of a prima facie wrong, and Curnut t’s conclusion about vegetarianism. What do you think of his argument? If you disagree, where does he go wrong? 2. Explain Curnutt’s idea of an “interest” and why he thinks animals have them. W hat follows from this about vegetarianism? 3. How does Curnut t connect the wrongness of eating animals with the w rongness of killing them? What do you think of his argument? 4. Discuss the four grounds Curnut t considers as possibly overriding the prima facie wrongness of killing animals. What do you think of his arguments concerning these possibilities? Torture Explain Shue’s basic argument against legally allowing the torture of the ticking-timebomb ter rorist. Explain Dershowitz’s response. What do you think? ...
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