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Study Questions for Plato’s Apology 1. Anytus accuses Socrates of being the one corruptor of Athenian youth while all other Athenians improve or benefit them. Socrates responds with a lot of talk about horses. What’s his point? 2. Socrates is accused of claiming to be wiser than others. In a way he denies this and in a way he accepts it. How and how? Once again, is Socrates an arrogant jerk who has gone around inflicting his moral views on others? How has he made so many enemies, if not? Wouldn’t you have to be some kind of jerk going around having moral arguments with people? The only respectful thing to do is to accept the idea that each person’s moral beliefs, or at least each culture’s moral beliefs, are true for the individuals that accept them—right? 3. How does Socrates prove that he is not an atheist? 4. Socrates announces his plans to break the law if he is freed on the condition that he not practice any more philosophical questioning. Is this compatible with his idea in the
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