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BU206assignment1-1 - BU206 Assignment 1(Due at the end of...

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BU206 Assignment 1 (Due at the end of Week 2) 100 points Instructions: This assignment covers material in weeks 1 and 2. Questions 1 and 2 are from Week 1; Question 3 and 4 are from week 2. Please complete in a Microsoft word document. If you don’t have Microsoft word, please save as a rich text file (file type .rtf). You should upload your answer in the assignment portal in week 2. 1. (Chapter 1) Every night at 11PM, Nancy plays her tuba. Jonas, who lives in an apartment across the hall, couldn’t stand it anymore, so he filed suit. What remedy did Jonas likely seek? Briefly explain why (hint: read chapter 1 material on remedies). (15 Points) Grade Breakdown: Accuracy of Answer: 8 points; Quality of explanation: 4 points; Writing (clarity, grammar): 3 points 2. (Chapter 1) Assume that Congress passed a law that required all U.S. citizens of Arabic descent to obtain a special “U.S. Passport” in order to board an airline in the United States. This Passport requires the individual to notify the government
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