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Hypothetical 1

Hypothetical 1 - Hypothetical 1-6 This one need’s to go...

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Hypothetical 1-3 Marjorie has every right to freedom of religion and she can sue the business for violating her rights. The constitution establishment clause states “it requires the government to accommodate religions”. This did not state business; but there are Civil Rights that cover this type of discrimination. A company needs to remain flexible and loosing a skilled worker can harm the business. Accommodations or terms can be agreed upon to accommodate religion in the workplace. She also refused to work that one day and the text did not state she did not show up for work. We also do not know if any hiring contract or agreement stated extended working hours upon hire.
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Unformatted text preview: Hypothetical 1-6 This one need’s to go to the courts. First amendment rights to freedom of expression were violated and discrimination for age in restricting the sale of aerosol spray paint and indelible markers. This law was passed to help combat graffiti but had a detrimental effect by limiting artists to express them selves. After reading the case ( http://openjurist.org/476/f3d/74/vincenty-v-r-bloomberg-f-06-2106-cv ) the law stayed in effect with some modifications. If the law is to remain in effect; art students should be able to purchase supplies by means of a permit or school ID....
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