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discusion week 5

discusion week 5 - and if the buyer made improvements to...

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1) Read 8-9 “A Question of Ethics” on page 233 and answer question 1. Jensen v. International Business Machines Corp. The SIP brochure and quota letter are not binding contracts. The company proposed a new plan at the conference, this proposal was not a binding contract and it would be fair to the employee. There was no agreement between the company and the employee. The disagreement of the proposal does not portray the basis for a breach of contract or lawsuit. 2) Louisiana/>/> has a law called “Lesion Beyond Moiety” in which the seller of real property can rescind the sale if he didn’t receive at least 50% of the fair market value of the property at the time of sale. Over the years, the time period for a seller to claim lesion has been reduced to a year…you must claim it within a year
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Unformatted text preview: and if the buyer made improvements to the property, you must reimburse her for those improvements. What do you think of “Lesion Beyond Moiety? Like it? Dislike it? Why or why not? 3) The “Lesion Beyond Moiety” sounds like a good deal to protect the seller of the property. It is used for immovable property as a sale or transfer. The buyer aspect on the other hand is not good. You really can’t own the property until a year is up. This can burden a family. The other thing to consider is the mineral rights of the property. You may not be able to build until the year is up. I do not like this law and there should be something placed in the contract of the sale to limit or void this law....
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