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Discussion W6

Discussion W6 - Tak en from “West’s Business Law” 8...

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Unformatted text preview: Tak en from “West’s Business Law”, 8 th edition, 2001. Grano owns a forty-room motel on highway 100. Tanner is interested in purchasing the motel. During the course of negotiations, Grano tells Tanner that the motel netted $30,000 last year and that it will net at least $45,000 next year. The motel books, which Grano turns over to Tanner before the purchase, clearly show that Grano’s motel netted only $15,000 last year. Also, Grano fails to tell Tanner that a bypass to Highway 100 is being planned that will redirect most traffic away from the front of the motel. Tanner purchases the motel. During the first year under Tanner’s operation, the motel nets only $1,000. It is at this time that Tanner learns of the previous low profitability of the motel and the planned bypass. Tanner wants his money back from Grano. Discus Tanner’s probable success in getting his money back. Tanner v’s Grano. Is this case fraud? Was there misrepresentation of material facts, intent to deceive, a Tanner v’s Grano....
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