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In this, the last week, let’s discuss the legal system. Specifically, give me 2 suggestions for the reform of the legal system. For example, you might suggest some aspect of tort reform, such as a cap on contingency fees, limit on awards to plaintiffs, or having the loser of the lawsuit pay the fee. You could also suggest judge trials instead of jury trials; or maybe change contract law to eliminate the consideration requirement; or change the age of majority to 16 years for contracting. In your answer, I want you to tell me what problem you see and how your solution would address the problem My first reform will be reasonable doubt in child cases. If a parent can not prove custody of a child’s
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Unformatted text preview: locations then they should be held to child endangerment or worse murder one. Child death cases are sad and there should be a unified law in place for stricter legality for parents or guardians. State law should be held to a higher standard with stricter punishment. The second reform would be to fix consumer credit policy’s governed by the lenders. There should be a set limit or fixed percentage they are allowed to charge customers. This would help fix some of the bad dept citizens carry in the U.S. Any law to limit bankruptcies by lowering percentage rates or setting limits would be good....
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