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CH_6_LO - CHM 205 Fall 2007 Dr Logan CH 6 Learning...

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CHM 205 Fall 2007 Dr. Logan CH 6 Learning Objectives Chapter 6: Principles of Reactivity: Energy and Chemical Reactions Know and be able to use the key equations , found on p. 271, as well as those described below. Know and apply the First Law of Thermodynamics (the Law of Conservation of Energy). a. Know what thermodynamics is. b. c. Use the most common ( and the SI ) energy unit, the joule, and convert between calories and joules. d. Know the meaning of thermal energy, and the difference between it and temperature. e. Know that the change in energy content for the system, ΔE, can be described by ΔE = q + w, where q is the heat transferred to or from the system, and w is the work transferred to or from the system (vide infra). o Understand the sign conventions for q and w. o Know what P-V (pressure-volume) work is,-PΔV. f.
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